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So the pollen in still bothering my eyes but I am carrying on!

What did I learn?

  • MY GLASSES CAUSE GLARE - The pollen is still pretty bad so I decided to not wear contact AND no wear glasses on the recording because it just caused too much glare.

  • Calling All Book Worms - If I want to improve on my craft, I need to invest more time into it meaning research and reading. I ordered a few books to read and am going to dive into those ASAP.

  • Paper vs Ebook vs Youtube - I have found that it's easier for me to use a paperwork vs an ebook when it comes to learning new things with software. That way I can take notes and skip back and forth. I love YOUTUBE but sometimes a paid source has the specific information I need unlike a YouTube video.


  • Get a books from the library, purchase an ebook/regular book and research your weaknesses.

  • Post a video about something your audience can improve on immediately and include the resource.

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It's the perfect time of year to visit Florida... why?

Things I Learned

  • Glasses are really had to record with due to the glare.

  • On a cloudy day, it can be really hard to control the lighting inside if your using your windows as a light source.

  • Finding a top that looks good on video can be hard.


  • Tell a story about a time when you didn't give up.

  • Tell a story about someone who mentored you.

  • Records a few videos and switch tops. Figure out your style. Do you like short sleeves, long sleeves, stripes, solid color? Which colors do you look the best in?

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Last night I went a head and had an Ai program write my script for today. Tell me what you think.

What you didn't see...

I have decided that I really like recording in my living room at my desk. The photo of the ocean in the background is new and so are the skateboards on the ground. Over the last few days, I've been picking up this space and reorganizing it specifically for recording. The large windows in front of me and behind me make lighting the shot effortless.

What did I learn?

  • It feels like I've been doing this a few weeks, not a few days. Sweet!

  • Ai this really stiff when it comes to writing (right now) and doesn't show a lot of passion.


  • Find a script and read from it. Maybe that is your thing. Maybe it's easier for you to read from a script then say something off the cuff. Try it!

  • Pick a space you enjoy recording. Try to keep it clutter free so that you can jump in and record anytime you feel inspired.

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