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>> Day 1 Homework = Follow along and try it out for yourself! << >> Skip to the videos I took on Day 1. <<

I can't believe I'm doing this but here goes nothing!

We all have to start somewhere and I am starting today. Have you even wanted to become more confident in front of the camera & create videos? Yes!! ... but why am I so freak out about starting? How do I get the confidence I need to get the ball rolling. I have been seriously asking myself this very question for the last 3 months.

You would thinking getting the equipment, understanding editing and having a goal would be enough - right? So I thought...... and my go pro(s), canon camera, iPhone, stands and more all sat in cases in my living room .... in the to do pile for - let's just say 2 years. Yes, you heard me correctly. 2 Years!

Fast forward to 3 months ago >> I decided to start writing my very first book. I won't say that writing is easy but I'm really enjoying the process. It's like I get this sudden burst of energy to sprint to the computer and remises about a funny story from my past. The words just flow as I laugh, smile and at times.. ugly cry.

Writing is great but ... talking about a book I wrote, in an interview situation, totally freaks me out. Public speaking kinda freaks me out too. I tend to blank out when I speak or get side tracked. I do really well with visual aids but that's not always an option. How am I suppose to prepare and get ready for our video world?

Introducing the 30 Day Video Challenge.

I recently watched a confident training video. One of the things they said to do was record yourself with your phone and send it to a friend, everyday for 30 days. OK - this I can do. It was actually kind of funny because the guy who was speaking (LIVE) was totally nervous. I think I would be too with 10,000 viewers BUT he is well known on YouTube. I've seen his videos and he looks totally chill. I was SHOCKED to see that he was I little shaken chatting LIVE.

I'm thinking to myself - If this guy can do it, why can't I. I can look scared too.

Not only am I going to do it while I'm terrified, I'm going to write a blog about the whole thing.

Document the wins, mistakes and things I learn along that way.

My Goals

  • Take at least 1 video a day for 30 Days

  • Post it to Social Media

  • Create a Blog that Others can Follow & Learn From

What did I learn today?

  • If you make like 10 videos a day (even if they are very short) then review them, you'll catch a lot of things!!!

  • Don't hold your phone too near your face. I did this. It's not a pretty shot. Don't do this.

  • Lighting makes a huge different. I enjoy being outside and a few videos made my face look kinda gross.

  • People are going to see my nails.... If you're going to do some painting around the house, you might want to wear gloves so it doesn't get under your nails.

  • Check your face for crumbs and chocolate if you just ate an amazing cookie for a little French cafe.

  • I do have sinus issues ALL the time so I'm going to sound stuff. It's just what it is.

  • I definitely feel more motivated to dress up. I'm a total beachy bum right now so the fancy Nicole is back but with a twist.

  • I actually really enjoy this. I had a lot of fun just pulling out my phone and talking. I can see why this was a recommended challenge.

FYI These are not the only videos I made today - just the ones I decided to post. :)

Your Homework

  1. Record a few videos. // Topics could be = (1) Tell everyone that you are taking the 30 day challenge. (2) Tell everyone why you're doing this? (3) Introduce Yourself (4) Randomly talk about something that happened today.

  2. Watch them.

  3. Do some very minimal editing if you'd like. Try to focus on getting comfortable in front of the camera and less on editing.

  4. Take some notes on the video. // (1) Is there anything you could do to make yourself feel open to posting this video? (2) Do you say UMM? (3) Did you feel comfortable? What could you do to make yourself feel more comfortable? (4) Do you want a script or can you do this off the cuff?

  5. Send the video to a close friend or post it to social media.

Here we go! Day1 V1

Sick & Nervous // What made me jump?! Day 1 V2

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