With so many people selling online, how do customers choose? One big thing that will set you apart from the rest is trust. The customer wants to know that you'll solve their problem and that you are knowledgable in your industry.

STEP 1 = Create a Blog Now

Earn trust by teaching them a few tricks that will save them time and money before they purchase your product or service.

STEP 2 = Videos are King

The marketing world is heading in this direction. Get your cell phone out and start recording. Talk about your business, the problems you solve and services you provide.

STEP 3 = Photos Photos Photos

Get your cell phone out again and start taking photos!

  • Show your audience what your company is up to today by photographing your yourself and/or your crew.

  • People love photos SO show them what you have to offer by photographing your products or services.

  • Celebrate your success by photographing your past clients or projects.

STEP 4 = Email Marketing

The best way to get in front of your customer is email marketing. Your message goes directly from YOU into their hand or into their home via cell phone, computer or tablet.

I highly recommend having polished website before you start this process because you want to direct them from the email blast to your website. Your website is your virtual storefront.

STEP 4 = Website

This really should be step one but I feel like this should be a given. As I said before, your website is your store front. If you want someone to trust you, they want to see an updated website. If you don't can't about your website, do you care about your business? I suggest that you have a clean, easy to navigate website. One that focuses on how you will meet the needs of your client and directs them to a sale.

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Happy Bloggin'

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