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Day 2 - This happened.. Had a bad day. What do you do if you have to record or have an interview?

New Hair Style

Today started off great. I styled my hair in a side braid to experiment with a different look for the camera. Then shot a quick video on the way to the Mall.

Day 2 Video 1

Picked up a few cute outfits while out and about then BAM...... I heard a song from my childhood and I seriously started to tear up. Why?

It kinda hurts remember being a kids on a bike, riding to the corner story to buy Matt's Chocolate Chip Cookies and a Jolt with the money my grandma gave me the last time I saw her. She always slipped me 5 bucks. In her words.. "It's a little bit of pocket change". She knew my situation at home & knew I would use it wisely... on delicious treats. :) I really miss her.

I didn't have snacks at my house. Granola cereal or a cream cheese bagel were the junkiest foods you'd find.

Totally Upset << This happened.

So the music/memories hit me pretty hard AND a few tough things have happened over the last few months. My afternoon was just looking a little bleak.

I attempted to record some footage while being upset.

After recording myself over 20 times, I just stopped. It wasn't working so I messaged a friend. This is her jam so I knew she would understand. Watch the video below to find out what happened & hear her advice.

Day 2 Video 2

What did I learn on Day 2?

  • You are not going to be happy and ready for recording everyday.

  • If you're not happy = (1) Take a moment for yourself and do something else. (2) Reach out to a friend. (3) Delay the recording. (4) If this is something LIVE schedule for a certain time/day, give yourself some space before the big event. Tell your loved ones that you just can't chat about things before that.


  • When you have an off day or moment, try to record something. Try some of the techniques above and work through it.

  • Try a new hairstyle and have fun with your wardrobe. Find a style you love and one that represents you.

See you tomorrow!!!

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