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Day 3 - I Failed. Running out of Gas. Biz 2023.

Today should technically be Day 4 BUT yesterday I was kinda busy.

What you didn't see?

Did you know that I took 12 videos before I took this one? That happened! I told the "running out of gas" story a few different ways and this one was by far the best because I remembered all the little details. I was definitely more genuine in this take as well.

What did I learn today?

  • When you laugh, stumble on your words or do some weird hand gesture, I'd more real and you. Trying to be perfect doesn't really work for me.

  • It's ok to give yourself some grace. I didn't post day 3 on the "right" day but as long as I'm keeping with it - I'm ok with that.

  • I like natural lighting inside on a cloudy day.


  • Tell a story about something weird that happened to you or someone you know.

  • Talk about work or your business in a way that educates your audience.

  • Pick up the phone and call someone you know. Chat about your project.

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