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Day 4 - Dirt on My Face .. A Selfless Lady .. I Bumped Someone off a Machine at the Gym 🤦‍♀️

It's actually a really beautiful day in Florida. The sun in shining... I watered my plants. Checked on my baby palm trees AND smeared dirty on my face.... Check it all out in the video below.

What I learned today?

  • I need to look at my face BEFORE I record.

  • Even thought my videos have mistakes, they are more "real".

  • Long sleeve shirts do look nicer than gym tank tops when I'm inside. I think this is definitely a "still" photography but I do think it applies in video as well even though I personally prefer to wear tanks tops.


  • Before you record, that a look at your face. >>EVERY TIME<< I will be joining in on this piece of homework going forward.

  • Share a moment you learned from (yours or someone else's).

  • Watch 3 videos from other creators on Youtube. What did you like about their video? Is there someone that they do, that you could do?

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