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Day 5 - Ai wrote my script.... What do you think?

Last night I went a head and had an Ai program write my script for today. Tell me what you think.

What you didn't see...

I have decided that I really like recording in my living room at my desk. The photo of the ocean in the background is new and so are the skateboards on the ground. Over the last few days, I've been picking up this space and reorganizing it specifically for recording. The large windows in front of me and behind me make lighting the shot effortless.

What did I learn?

  • It feels like I've been doing this a few weeks, not a few days. Sweet!

  • Ai this really stiff when it comes to writing (right now) and doesn't show a lot of passion.


  • Find a script and read from it. Maybe that is your thing. Maybe it's easier for you to read from a script then say something off the cuff. Try it!

  • Pick a space you enjoy recording. Try to keep it clutter free so that you can jump in and record anytime you feel inspired.

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