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Day 7 - One thing that creates happiness. Need friends? Here is where you find them.

So the pollen in still bothering my eyes but I am carrying on!

What did I learn?

  • MY GLASSES CAUSE GLARE - The pollen is still pretty bad so I decided to not wear contact AND no wear glasses on the recording because it just caused too much glare.

  • Calling All Book Worms - If I want to improve on my craft, I need to invest more time into it meaning research and reading. I ordered a few books to read and am going to dive into those ASAP.

  • Paper vs Ebook vs Youtube - I have found that it's easier for me to use a paperwork vs an ebook when it comes to learning new things with software. That way I can take notes and skip back and forth. I love YOUTUBE but sometimes a paid source has the specific information I need unlike a YouTube video.


  • Get a books from the library, purchase an ebook/regular book and research your weaknesses.

  • Post a video about something your audience can improve on immediately and include the resource.

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