Start a blog! It is a great way to reach new customers. If you are nervous about getting started, don't be, take the jump. Creating a blog is a fun way to communicate and educate your audience while staying authentic to yourself and brand. Your blog is your voice.

STEP 1 = Get Organized

Keep all your notes, calendars, brainstorming activities and ideas in one place. I suggest using a binder, folder or notebook. I personally use a binder with my own system so everything has a place and is extremely easy to find. I come from a Marketing Project Management background so staying visually organized is very important for me.

STEP 2 = Key Questions

Write down and answer the following questions.

  • What are you going to blog about?

  • Who is your audience?

  • What to your want to teach them?

  • What is your goal or mission? Why are you creating this blog?

Why is it so important to start here? If you do not have direction, your blog will not only be a mess but your audience may lose interest.

An example of losing direction would be = blogging about a topic that has nothing to do with your main goal or mission. It happens. One minute you are blogging about becoming an author and somehow you start talking about ice fishing??

STEP 3 = Time

Making a commitment is key to having a good following. Take a moment and decided...

  • Is this going to be a blog you launch right away or is this going to be a slow process for you?

At the beginning, it will be a little bit more time consuming because you are going to be building your content, coming up with specific goals, putting together a schedule and marketing plan. You do not have to have a marketing plan BUT it helps you stay on top of your longterm goals.

STEP 4 = Getting Started

Once you have these basic questions answered, you are ready to get started.

Happy Bloggin'

Nicole Ann Maxey

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